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Monday, March 17, 2014

All good things must come to an end

Dear readers and followers,

As you  might haven noted, not much has been going on here in the past six weeks.  I’ve come to the sad conclusion that I cannot keep blogging at this lovely space that I’ve been occupying since 2004. The reason: time.Or, more precisely,  the lack thereof.  I now coordinate 3 writing conferences, each which requires its own website, host my site www.jessicamorrell.com, work at my thriving editing business, care for a four-bedroom home and garden, give time to a relationship and my darling granddaughters, and need more hours to work on my own writing and fill my own well of creativity.

For awhile when I was blogging here I started posts by describing the morning sky. I’m a at-your-desk-first-thing kind of writer and the sky never failed to inspire me. Problem was, since I lived in Portland I needed to come up with a lot of variations on the word grey. Chalk. Steel. Brooding.  Dusty. Sooty. Lackluster. It was a great lesson in noticing and turned me into even more of a skywatcher than I was before, taught me to stretch for new descriptions. In fact, this blog was a great experience all around. But writing is often about change and with climate changes we don’t see as many grey mornings. However, a lot of changes have happened in my life in the past 10 years, many which I'm deeply grateful for. 

I wrote this blog through heartbreaks and happiness, book deals and pain. I kept blogging after a head injury that left me in bad shape, struggling to with spelling, memory, analysis and impulsivity. I wrote about my habit of long walks at dusk; I interviewed authors; I gathered quotes and snippets of inspiration; and wrote longer pieces also meant to inspire.

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As always, thank you for reading, thanks for sharing your beautiful lives. Keep writing, keep dreaming, have heart.